Supervise the preparation of all statistical reports from all departments of the local church, and present promptly all such reports through the district secretary to the district assembly. (114.1)


Give leadership to the evangelism, education, devotion, and expansion programs of the local church in harmony with the district and general church promotional goals and programs.


Submit a report to the annual church meeting, including a report on the status of the local church and its departments, and outline areas of future needs for study and/ or implementation.


Appoint an investigating committee of three church members in case of accusation filed against a church member. (604)


See that all World Evangelism Fund monies raised through the local NMI are remitted promptly to the general treasurer; and that all District Ministries Fund monies are remitted promptly to the district treasurer. (136.2)


Nominate to the church board all paid employees of the local church, and to supervise the same. (160.1–160.3)


Sign in conjunction with the church secretary all conveyances of real estate, mortgages, releases of mortgages, contracts, and other legal documents not otherwise provided for in the Manual. (102.3, 103–104.3)


Notify the pastor of the nearest church when a member or friend of a local church or any of its departments moves to another locality in the same assembly district where vital association with the previous local church is impractical, giving the member’s or friend’s address.


Arrange and raise, together with the church board, the World Evangelism Fund and District Ministries Fund apportionments in the local church according to plans adopted by the General Assembly and agreed to by the district assembly. (33.2, 130, 154)


The pastor may, when requested by a member, grant a transfer of church membership, a certificate of commendation, or a letter of release. (111–111.1, 112.2, 813.3–813.6)