The stewards of the church shall be no fewer than three or more than thirteen in number. They shall be elected by ballot, at the annual or a special church meeting, from among the members of the church, to serve for the next church year and until their successors have been elected and qualified. (34, 113.7, 113.11, 127)


The duties of the stewards are:


To serve as a church growth committee, unless otherwise provided for, with the responsibilities of outreach, evangelism, and extension, including sponsoring new churches and church-type missions, with the pastor as ex-officio chairperson.


To provide assistance and support for the needy and distressed. A biblical role of lay leaders is that of ministering in areas of practical service (Acts 6:1–3; Romans 12:6–8). Therefore stewards should offer their time and spiritual gifts in acts of service, administration, encouragement, mercy, visitation, and other ministries.


To serve, at the discretion of the church board, as the Evangelism and Church Membership Committee as outlined in 110–110.8.


To assist the pastor in organizing the church so that Christian service opportunities are available to all members. Special attention should be given to the development of ministries toward those of other cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds in the immediate and nearby communities.


To serve as liaisons to community Christian action and service organizations.


To give assistance to the pastor in public worship and Christian nurture in the local church.


To provide the elements for the Lord’s Supper, and when requested by the pastor, to assist in the distribution of the same. (29.5, 514.9)


A vacancy in the office of steward may be filled by the local church at a duly called church meeting. (113.8)