The chaplain is an elder or deacon who feels divinely led to specialized ministry in military, institutional, or industrial chaplaincy. All chaplains must be approved by their district superintendent. Persons applying for career assignment in the U.S.A. military chaplaincy must appear before the Chaplaincy Advisory Council and the Board of General Superintendents. The chaplain who serves in this ministry as his or her primary assignment and who does not sustain a retired relationship with the church or any of its departments or institutions, shall be an assigned minister, and shall report annually to the district assembly and give due regard to the advice and counsel of the district superintendent and the District Advisory Board. The chaplain may receive associate members into the Church of the Nazarene in consultation with an officially organized Church of the Nazarene, administer the sacraments in harmony with the Manual, give pastoral care, comfort the sorrowing, reprove and encourage and seek by all means the conversion of sinners, sanctification of believers, and the upbuilding of the people of God in the most holy faith. (518, 536.9, 536.11)