Administer the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper at least once a quarter. Pastors are encouraged to move toward a more frequent celebration of this means of grace. A licensed minister who has not complied fully with the provisions of 530.7 (see also 802) shall arrange for the administration of the sacrament by an ordained minister. Consideration should be given for extending the Lord’s Supper to homebound persons, under supervision of the pastor.


Give due care to matters relating to solemnizing marriages. Pastors shall convey the sacredness of Christian marriage through careful attention to their own marital state, through all forms of communication, through ministering to others, and through premarital counseling and solemnizing the marriage ceremony. (536.16)


Nurture the call people feel toward Christian ministry and mentor such persons, guiding them toward appropriate preparation for ministry.


Fulfill the expectations of God and the Church for a program of lifelong learning. (536.15)


Nurture his or her own call through the years of ministry, maintain a life of personal devotion that enriches his or her own soul, and, if married, guard the integrity and vitality of that marriage relationship.


The administrative duties of a pastor are to:


Receive persons as members of the local church according to 107 and 107.1.


Shepherd all departments of local church work.


Appoint the teachers of the Sunday School/Bible studies/small groups in harmony with 145.8.


Read to the congregation the Constitution of the Church of the Nazarene and the Covenant of Christian Conduct contained in 1–21, 28–34, both inclusive, within each year (114), or have this section of the Manual printed and distributed annually to the members of the church.