The journal shall be the record of the regular proceedings of the district assembly.


The journal must be prepared in a format permitted by the General Secretary’s office. Paper copies may be printed locally.


Separate items of business shall be placed in separate paragraphs.


The journal should be edited carefully with the view to its examination by the General Assembly. (203.26, 217.7)


The full official journal for each quadrennium shall be preserved and filed with the district and the General Assembly files. (217.5, 217.7)


The journal shall be arranged as far as possible according to the table of contents prepared by the general secretary in consultation with the Board of General Superintendents. The table of contents shall be furnished to the district secretary prior to the convening of the district assembly.


The journal shall contain not only the assignment of pastors to local churches but also all regular and special engagements entered into by ministerial and lay members of the district assembly who are engaged in any line of denominational service that may entitle them to consideration if applying for benefits from the Pensions Board having the responsibility for the pensions and benefits program in which that district participates. (115)