The church board shall provide an Evangelism and Church Membership Committee of not fewer than three persons acting in an advisory capacity to the pastor, who shall be the chairperson (138.3). Its duties shall be:


To promote evangelism in the local church and seek to conserve the fruits of evangelism. (107–107.1, 129.24)


To study and recommend to the church board and departments ways to emphasize evangelism in the whole life of the church.


To serve as the local committee to implement both general and district denominational programs of evangelism.


To urge new converts to qualify for church membership by a consistent devotional life, a study of the Bible and the Manual, individually and/or in a pastor’s membership class, remembering that members received by profession of faith help to conserve the fruits of evangelism. (20–21, 30.4)


To endeavor to bring new members into total fellowship and service of the church.


To work with the pastor in developing a continuing program of spiritual guidance for new members.


To recommend to the church board, upon nomination by the pastor, the evangelists for local campaigns. It is recommended that at least one campaign each year be conducted by a tenured, commissioned or registered evangelist.


No person shall be received into full membership of the local church until the pastor first consults with the Evangelism and Church Membership Committee concerning that person’s reception. (107.1)