The general treasurer, elected by General Board as provided by General Board Bylaws, shall serve until final adjournment of the next General Assembly and until a successor is elected and qualified or until removed according to 317.5. (900.3)


The general treasurer shall be a member ex-officio of General Assembly. (301)


The general treasurer shall be amenable to the general superintendent in jurisdiction for the Global Ministry Center Financial office, Board of General Superintendents, and General Board.


Duties of the general treasurer are to:


Have custody of funds belonging to general interests of the Church of the Nazarene.


Receive, and disburse funds of the Global Administration and Finance Committee, Global Education and Clergy Development Committee, Global Mission Committee, and other funds belonging to the General Board, or to any of its departments; general superintendents’ fund; general contingent fund; General Assembly expense fund; general benevolent church funds; funds of Global Nazarene Youth International; and funds of Global Nazarene Missions International. (331.3)


Give bond for performance of duties, in a reliable surety company, as the General Board may direct.


Furnish reports to boards and departments, for whose funds he or she may be custodian.


Furnish to the General Board an annual report of all finances of the Church of the Nazarene, including investments. (335.12)


Safeguard annuity funds invested in real estate by proper insurance policies and to provide against the lapsing of such policies.