The business of the General Assembly, subject to paragraph 25.9 of the church Constitution, shall be to:


Reference, through its Reference Committee, resolutions, recommendations, and implementing legislation from commissions and special committee reports and other documents to standing or special legislative committees of the assembly, or to regional caucuses for consideration before being presented to the assembly. The Reference Committee may submit legislation affecting only a specific region/regions to the General Assembly delegates of said region(s) meeting in caucus for action. Changes that affect the Manual must be acted upon by the entire General Assembly.


Elect, by a two-thirds vote of its members present and voting, as many general superintendents as it may deem necessary, who shall hold office until 30 days following the final adjournment of the next General Assembly and until their successors are elected and qualified;

a. First, there shall be a “yes” or “no” ballot for the general superintendents presently serving.

b. Vacancies remaining after the ballot process is completed for all general superintendents presently serving shall be filled by ensuing ballots until the elections are completed.

In the event that someone who is ineligible under this provision receives votes on the first ballot, that person’s name shall be deleted from the elective ballot and the report of the first ballot shall include this statement: “One or more names have been deleted due to ineligibility for the office.”

No elder shall be considered eligible for election to the office of general superintendent who has at any time surrendered his or her credential for disciplinary reasons. No person shall be elected to the office of general superintendent who has not reached the age of 35 years or who has reached the age of 68 years. (25.5, 307.16, 900.1)


Elect a general superintendent to the emerita/emeritus honor when deemed advisable, provided the superintendent shall have become disabled or shall have been granted retired status. It is thereby understood that election to emerita/emeritus relation is of life tenure. (314.1)


Place in retired status a general superintendent who has requested such relationship, or who, in the judgment of the General Assembly, has become disqualified by physical disability, or by any other disqualification that would prevent such a person from caring adequately for the work of the general superintendency; and provided that superintendent has served in the office of general superintendent for at least one full term. Should a general superintendent request retirement in the interim of General Assemblies, the request may be granted by the General Board in regular session upon recommendation of the Board of General Superintendents. (314.1)


Set a suitable retirement pension for each retired general superintendent.


Elect a General Board, as provided in 332.1–333.4, to serve until the final adjournment of the next General Assembly and until their successors are elected and qualified. (331, 901.1)


Elect a General Court of Appeals, consisting of five assigned ordained ministers, to serve until the final adjournment of the next General Assembly and until their successors are elected and qualified. The Board of General Superintendents shall select the chairperson and secretary. (25.8, 610, 901.2)


Elect boards of control for educational institutions serving multiregional areas, to serve until their successors are elected and qualified and in accordance with the following provisions:

The boards of control shall be comprised of persons from the respective areas served by the institution.

In instances where the institution serves a multiregional area, election of that board shall be conducted in the General Assembly regional caucus(es) composed of delegates from the regions primarily served by the schools.


Do anything else, in harmony with the Holy Scriptures, that wisdom may dictate for the general welfare of the Church of the Nazarene and the holy cause of Christ, subject to the church Constitution. (25.9)