The local Nazarene Missions International shall be a constituent part of the local church and subject to the supervision and direction of the pastor and the church board. (516)


The president of the local Nazarene Missions International (NMI) shall be nominated by a committee of three to seven members of the NMI appointed by the pastor, who shall serve as chairperson. This committee shall submit one or more names for the office of president subject to the approval of the church board. The president shall be elected by a majority vote by ballot of the members (excluding associate) present and voting. The president shall be a member of the local church whose NMI is served, a member ex-officio of the church board (or in churches where the president is the pastor’s spouse, the vice president may serve on the church board), and a member of the district assembly held immediately prior to his or her year of office. The president shall present a report to the annual meeting of the local church. (113.9, 114, 123, 127, 201)


All funds raised by the local Nazarene Missions International (NMI) for general interests of the Church of the Nazarene shall be applied to the World Evangelism Fund apportionment of the local church with the exception of mission special projects that have been approved by the Ten Percent Committee.


After primary consideration has been given to the full payment of the World Evangelism Fund, opportunities may be given to make offerings for the support of global missionary work, such contributions to be known as “approved mission specials.”


Funds for the support of general interests shall be raised in the following manners:


From gifts and offerings designated for the World Evangelism Fund and general interests.


From special offerings such as Easter and Thanksgiving.


No part of the above funds shall be used for local or district expense or charitable purposes.