A member of the Church of the Nazarene who feels called to the ministry of music may be commissioned as a minister of music for one year by the district assembly, provided such person:

  1. has been recommended for such work by the church board of the local church in which membership is held;
  2. gives evidence of grace, gifts, and usefulness;
  3. has had at least one year of experience in music ministry;
  4. has had not less than one year of vocal study under an accredited teacher and is pursuing a validated course of study or its equivalent prescribed for ministers of music or has completed the same;
  5. is regularly engaged as a minister of music; and
  6. has been carefully examined, under the direction of the district assembly of the assembly district within the bounds of which the person holds his or her church membership, regarding his or her intellectual and spiritual qualifications, and general fitness for such work. (203.10)


Only such persons who maintain this ministry as their primary assignment and vocation and have ministerial credentials shall be considered assigned ministers.