Ministers. When a licensed or an ordained minister has united with the church membership or ministry of a church other than the Church of the Nazarene, the pastor of the local church in which the minister is a member shall immediately notify the District Ministerial Credentials Board of the fact. The Ministerial Credentials Board shall investigate and confirm the status of the member of the clergy. If the District Ministerial Credentials Board determines that the member of the clergy will be removed from the roll of ministers, the pastor of the local church will also remove the person’s name from the membership roll of the church and shall write opposite the name, “Removed by uniting with another church, denomination, or ministry.” (530.9, 536.10–536.11)


Laypersons. When a lay member of a local church has accepted membership, license to preach, or ordination from any other religious organizations, or is engaging in independent church or missionary work, his or her membership in the local church shall, because of that fact, immediately cease, except in case that person shall secure the annual written approval of the local church board of the church in which said membership is held, and the annual written approval of the District Advisory Board of the district in which that church is located.


Release from Membership. The pastor, when requested by a member, may grant a letter of release (see form in 813.4), thus terminating such person’s membership immediately. (111.1, 112)


After two years from the date when a person’s membership was declared inactive, his or her name may be removed from the church roll by action of the church board. After such action of the church board, the pastor shall write opposite the member’s name, “Removed by the church board (date).” (109, 133)