The role of the general superintendents is to provide apostolic and visionary spiritual leadership by:
• articulating mission
• casting vision
• ordaining members of the clergy
• propagating theological coherency, and
• providing general administrative oversight for the general church.


The duties and powers of the general superintendents are to:


Have general supervision of the Church of the Nazarene, subject to law and order as adopted by the General Assembly.


Serve as members ex-officio of the General Assembly. (301)


Preside over the General Assembly and over the meetings of the General Board of the Church of the Nazarene. (300.1, 335.3)


Have discretionary power to ordain, or appoint others to ordain, those who have been duly elected to be elders or deacons. (320, 536.5–536.6)


Preside over each district assembly as scheduled by the Board of General Superintendents. A general superintendent may appoint an ordained elder to serve as chairperson. (202, 211)


The general superintendent presiding over a district assembly, the district superintendent, and District Advisory Board, in concurrence with delegates of local churches, shall appoint pastors of local churches that have not called pastors. (215.1)


The general superintendents may appoint district superintendents over assembly districts where vacancies occur in the interim of district assembly sessions, upon consultation with the District Advisory Committee. Pursuant to paragraph 206, all qualified elders are eligible for consideration, including those of that district. (207, 236)


In the event of temporary incapacitation of an incumbent district superintendent, the general superintendent having jurisdiction, in consultation with the District Advisory Board, may appoint a qualified elder to serve as interim district superintendent. The question of incapacitation shall be determined by the general superintendent in jurisdiction and the District Advisory Board. (207.2)