Ordained ministers from other denominations, desiring to unite with the Church of the Nazarene and presenting their ordination papers, may have their ordination recognized by the district assembly, after satisfactory examination by the District Ministerial Credentials Board as to their conduct, personal experience and doctrine, provided that:

  1. they demonstrate appreciation, comprehension and application of the Manual and history of the Church of the Nazarene by successfully completing the related portions of a validated course of study;
  2. they file with the district assembly the Ordination/Recognition Questionnaire, carefully filled in; and
  3. they meet all requirements for ordination as outlined in 531–531.3 or 532–532.3; and
  4. provided further that the candidate must currently be serving in a ministry assignment. (203.7, 225, 527, 530.2)


The general superintendent having jurisdiction shall issue to the ordained minister a certificate of recognition, bearing the signature of the general superintendent in jurisdiction, the district superintendent, and the district secretary. (536.6)


When the credential of a minister from another church has been recognized, the credential issued by said church shall be returned to him or her inscribed in writing or stamped on the reverse side of the credential as follows:

Accredited by the ____________________ District Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene this _______ day of _______, _______, (year) as the basis of the new credentials.

__________________________, General Superintendent

__________________________, District Superintendent

__________________________, District Secretary