The general superintendent in jurisdiction may recommend to the Board of General Superintendents that a Phase 3 district be declared in crisis. (200.2, 322)


The general superintendent having jurisdiction may preside at the annual, or a special meeting of a local church, or appoint a representative to do so. (113.5)


No general superintendent shall be a voting member of any board of the Church of the Nazarene, other than the Board of General Superintendents, unless provided for by the bylaws of said boards. (307.12)


A general superintendent shall hold no other general office in the church while serving as general superintendent. (307.11)


All official acts of the general superintendents shall be subject to review and revision by the General Assembly.


Any official act of a general superintendent may be nullified by a unanimous vote of the remaining members of the Board of General Superintendents.


The office of any general superintendent may be declared vacant, for cause, by the unanimous vote of the remaining members of the Board of General Superintendents, supported by a two-thirds vote of the General Board.


The general superintendents, elected by the General Assembly, shall serve until 30 days following the final adjournment of the next General Assembly and until their successors are elected and qualified. (305.2)