1. The Executive Committee consists of the elected Global NYI officers and the director of NYI. The Executive Committee may conduct the business of the Global NYI Council when it is impractical or impossible to convene the entire council. All actions of the Executive Committee are communicated to the remaining members of the council and are subject to the approval of the entire council at its next meeting.
  2. The Global NYI Council may establish specific ministry committees as necessary for advancing its work.


  1. The director of NYI is subject to the oversight of the global mission director and the Board of General Superintendents. The Global NYI Council may recommend revisions to these duties to the general superintendent in jurisdiction for NYI.
  2. The director of NYI, in consultation with the Global NYI Council, designates the responsibilities of paid staff of NYI. The Global NYI Council and Global NYI Office staff work in cooperation and harmony with each other.
  3. The director of NYI may not serve as the global NYI chair.


  1. To provide effective ministry to young people, global NYI ministry may involve a variety of gatherings for worship, teaching, training, fellowship, and evangelism. Global NYI leadership works together with regional, field, district, and local NYI leadership to plan ministry globally, related to specific groups, and geared to multiple regions, so that youth ministry in the Church of the Nazarene may be most effective.
  2. Global NYI leaders and staff are actively involved with NYI on every level as a resource for effective ministry.


  1. The Global NYI Council meets annually to advance the mission and vision of NYI. The meeting is scheduled in connection with the annual meeting of the General Board.
  2. The global NYI officers or director of NYI may call special meetings as necessary, in consultation with the general superintendent in jurisdiction for NYI.


  1. A Global NYI Convention provides for inspirational sessions to advance youth ministry around the world. Reports are received and any legislative business pertaining to the work of NYI is transacted at the Global NYI Convention.
  2. The Board of General Superintendents sets the length of the Convention and the time it convenes, from recommendations of the Global NYI Council to the General Assembly Program Committee. The global NYI officers and director of NYI oversee the convention, with the assistance of the Global NYI Council.
  3. All delegates of the Global NYI Convention must be members of the Church of the Nazarene and Nazarene Youth International and 12 years of age or older at the time of the Global NYI Convention. Additionally, each district NYI delegate must be a member of and reside on the district he/ she represents at the time of the convention.
  4. The Global NYI Convention is composed of the Global NYI Council, the director of NYI, duly elected executive regional officers (no more than three), the regional, field, national, and district youth coordinators, and district NYI delegates as follows:
    1. Districts with 1,000 or fewer NYI members may send the following delegates:
      1. The district NYI president serving at the time of the Global NYI Convention;
      2. One ministerial delegate active in NYI leadership who is an assigned elder, deacon, or district-licensed minister;
      3. One lay delegate over the age of 23 at the time of the Global NYI Convention who is active in NYI leadership; and
      4. One youth delegate between the ages of 12 and 23 at the time of the Global NYI Convention who is active in NYI.
    2. In addition, a district may send an additional ministerial delegate, lay delegate, and youth delegate between the ages of 12 and 23 at the time of the Global NYI Convention, for each successive 1,500 NYI members and/or the final major part of 1,500 members (751–1,499 members).
    3. The size of the district delegation is based on the district NYI membership report for the District Assembly in the calendar year immediately prior to the Global NYI Convention.
    4. All district delegates are to be elected by ballot by majority vote at a session of the District NYI Convention within 18 months of the Global NYI Convention or within 24 months in areas where travel visas or extensive preparations are necessary. Alternate delegates may be elected after elected delegates on another ballot from the remaining nominations by plurality vote, with first alternate, second alternate, third alternate, etc., designated by the number of votes received. Delegates and alternates must be elected by March 31 of the year of the Global NYI Convention.
    5. The student body president of each Nazarene university, college, or theological school, may also serve as a delegate, as a representative of the partnership of NYI with his/her institution. Should he/she be unable to serve or attend, a representative selected by the student government may provide alternate representation.
  5. In the case of districts without an organized NYI (no District NYI Convention), Global NYI Convention representation may be comprised of one delegate of NYI membership age chosen by the District Assembly. Should a delegate withdraw prior to the convention, the District Advisory Board may appoint a qualified delegate.
  6. The bar of the Global NYI Convention is set to enable all duly elected delegates to participate in the voting of the Global NYI Convention. This voting will take place by the voting procedures established by the Convention Business Committee.
  7. A caucus for each region is held during the Global NYI Convention and is composed of the Regional NYI Council, the regional director and regional youth coordinator, and elected district NYI delegates from that region.
    Number members Number of delegates1
    4–1750 3
    1751–3250 6
    3251–4750 9
    4751–6250 12
    6251–7750 15
    7751–9250 18

    1. Number of elected delegates from a district NYI does not include ex officio delegates (district NYI president, regional NYI chair and coordinators, global officers and members-at-large from a district, etc.).


Nazarene Missions International Constitution


Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International Bylaws

Mission Statement

The mission of Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) is to carry out the Great Commission to children, youth, and adults in preparation for a lifetime of making Christlike disciples in the nations.


The purpose of Sunday School & Discipleship Ministries International is:
A. To be a people of prayer, engaged in the Word, making Christlike disciples.
B. To intentionally develop relationships with unreached people so that they become Christlike disciples making Christlike disciples.
C. To teach the Word of God to children, youth, and adults so that they are saved, sanctified wholly, and maturing in Christian experience that results in a life of compassion, evangelism, Christian education, and disciple making.
D. To encourage everyone to faithfully engage in a discipleship ministry such as Sunday School/Bible studies, small groups, and other disciple-making ministries.