To elect, with the written approval of the district superintendent and upon the nomination of the pastor, such paid associates as the local church may designate. (152, 160–160.1, 208.13)


To elect a local minister or a licensed minister as an unpaid associate pastor only if approval is given annually in writing by the district superintendent.


To provide for a long-range planning committee for the church with the pastor as ex-officio chairperson.


To adopt and implement a plan to reduce the risk that individuals placed in positions of authority within the church will use the position of trust or authority to engage in misconduct. The plan for each local church must take into consideration its own unique circumstances.


Meaning of Stewardship. Refer to paragraphs 33–33.5.


The church board shall perform the duties of a SDMI Board in a newly organized church until such board has been regularly elected. (145)


The church board and pastor of the newly organized church shall decide when a Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI) superintendent will be elected. (129.25, 145, 146)


The church board may remove from the membership roll the name of an inactive church member after a period of two years has elapsed from the date when his or her name was declared inactive. (109–109.4, 112.3)


The church board may suspend or revoke the license of any locally licensed person.


Church Secretary. The duties of the secretary of the church board are: