The call of a pastor who is a licensed minister (elder track) will terminate at the end of the district assembly if the minister’s license is not renewed.


The pastor desiring to resign from a pastoral assignment shall:

  1. First consult with the district superintendent;
  2. Provide a written resignation to the church board at least 30 days prior to termination of the pastorate; and
  3. Send a copy to the district superintendent.

When the resignation is received by the church board and approved in writing by the district superintendent, the termination date shall be finalized within 30 days.


The pastor who resigns shall, in cooperation with the secretary of the church board, prepare a correct list of the church membership roll with current addresses. This roll must correspond numerically with the last published district minutes showing deletions and additions for the current year.


Upon the recommendation of the church board an approval of the district superintendent, a congregation may elect co-pastors to serve. In this case, the following stipulations will apply:

  1. The co-pastors shall work with the church board, under the direction of the district superintendent, to develop a plan for shared responsibility and authority.
  2. Co-pastors are equals in the pastoral office. If required by law, one person shall be officially designated by the church board as the presiding officer, serving as president of the corporation and chairperson of the church board.
  3. The pastoral review process shall be conducted as provided for in paragraph 123.


Upon the resignation or termination of a co-pastor a remaining co-pastor may be appointed by the district superintendent to serve as pastor of the church; provided, however, that within 60 days, the question of the pastoral relationship shall be presented to the church board, at which time the church shall follow the process outlined in paragraph 115.