Fill vacancies that may occur in any special commission or committee in the interim of General Assemblies or General Board.


Fill vacancies, upon nomination made by the remaining members on the corporate board of the Nazarene Publishing House. (338)


Appoint general superintendents to serve as advisers of institutions of higher education affiliated with the International Board of Education. (901.5)


Arrange, in conjunction with Global Clergy Development, ministerial studies for those serving in ministerial roles, lay or credentialed. (527–528)


Plan, preserve and promote the lifeline of global mission interests. The Board of General Superintendents, with the General Board, is authorized and empowered to apportion the World Evangelism Fund to the districts. (33.5, 130, 335.7)


The Board of General Superintendents shall be the authority for interpretation of law and doctrine of the Church of the Nazarene, and meaning and force of provisions of the Manual, subject to an appeal to the General Assembly.


The Board of General Superintendents shall consider for approval plans for district centers. Plans shall not be carried out until they have been approved in writing by the Board of General Superintendents. (222.10)


The Board of General Superintendents shall have discretionary power in the ordaining of divorced persons. (30.1–30.3, 307.4, 531.3, 532.3)


The Board of General Superintendents may declare vacant with cause the office of a district superintendent of any Phase 2 or Phase 1 district upon recommendation of the general superintendent having jurisdiction and may declare vacant the office of district superintendents in Phase 3 districts upon a two-thirds vote of the District Advisory Committee. (207.1, 236)