Once a minister has fulfilled the requirements of a validated course of study for ministry, he or she will continue a pattern of lifelong learning to enhance the ministry to which God has called him or her. A minimum expectation is 20 hours of lifelong learning each year or the equivalent determined by the region/language group and stated in their regional Sourcebook on Ordination. All assigned and unassigned licensed and ordained ministers shall report on their progress in a program of lifelong learning as part of their report to the district assembly. An up-to-date report on his or her lifelong learning program will be used in the church/pastoral review process and in the process of calling a pastor. The regional Sourcebook on Ordination for the region/language group will contain the details of the accrediting and reporting process.

Failure to complete these requirements for more than two consecutive years shall result in the ordained minister being required to meet with the District Ministerial Studies Board at their regular meeting time. The Ministerial Studies Board shall give guidance to the minister in completing the lifelong learning required. (115, 123, 514.12, 536.15)