The General Assembly shall meet in the month of June, every fourth year, at such time and place determined by a General Assembly Commission composed of the general superintendents and an equal number of persons chosen by the Board of General Superintendents. The General Assembly Commission shall have power, in case of an emergency, to change the time and place of the meeting of the General Assembly.


The Board of General Superintendents in consultation with the Executive Committee of the General Board is authorized, when appropriate, to select a simultaneous site(s) for the General Assembly. Voting from such simultaneous sites will be recognized as official voting along with the votes of the delegates at the primary site.


The General Assembly shall open with devotional and inspirational services. Provision shall be made for transaction of business and other inspirational services. The General Assembly shall set the time of adjournment. (25.4)


The Board of General Superintendents, or a majority thereof, with the written consent of two-thirds of all the district superintendents, shall have power to call a special session of the General Assembly in case of an emergency, the time and place to be determined by the general superintendents and a commission chosen by the Board of General Superintendents.


In case of a special session of the General Assembly, delegates and alternates to the last preceding General Assembly, or their duly elected and qualified successors, shall serve as delegates and alternates to the special session.


The general secretary, general treasurer, and three persons appointed by the Board of General Superintendents at least one year before the convening of the General Assembly shall constitute the General Assembly Arrangements Committee.


The General Assembly Arrangements Committee shall have authority to arrange all necessary details, and enter into contracts regarding the General Assembly.


The General Assembly Arrangements Committee with the general superintendents shall formulate a program for the General Assembly, including emphases for each general interest; Communion service; and religious services; which shall be subject to approval by the General Assembly.


The business of the General Assembly, subject to paragraph 25.9 of the church Constitution, shall be to:


Reference, through its Reference Committee, resolutions, recommendations, and implementing legislation from commissions and special committee reports and other documents to standing or special legislative committees of the assembly, or to regional caucuses for consideration before being presented to the assembly. The Reference Committee may submit legislation affecting only a specific region/regions to the General Assembly delegates of said region(s) meeting in caucus for action. Changes that affect the Manual must be acted upon by the entire General Assembly.