To commission or register for one year those persons deemed qualified for the roles of ministry named and defined in 503–526.1 upon favorable recommendation of the Ministerial Credentials Board.


To elect, by two-thirds favorable vote, by ballot, an elder to the office of district superintendent, to serve until 30 days following the final adjournment of the second district assembly following his or her election and until a successor is elected or appointed and qualified. The procedure for reelection of a district superintendent shall be by a “yes” or “no” ballot vote. No elder shall be considered eligible for election to this office who has at any time surrendered his or her credential for disciplinary reasons. No superintendent shall be elected or reelected following his or her 70th birthday.


After a district superintendent of a Phase 2 or Phase 3 district (200.2) has served a district for at least two assembly years, the district assembly may reelect said superintendent for a period of four years subject to the approval of the general superintendent in jurisdiction. The procedure for election to an extended term of office shall be by a two-thirds favorable “yes” or “no” ballot.


In case the general superintendent and the District Advisory Committee (DAC), shall be of the opinion that the services of the district superintendent should not continue beyond the current year, the general superintendent having jurisdiction and the DAC may order the question submitted for a vote of the district assembly. The question shall be submitted in the following form: “Shall the present district superintendent be continued in office beyond this district assembly?”

If the district assembly, by a two-thirds vote by ballot, decides to continue the district superintendent in office, he or she shall continue to serve as though such vote had not been taken.

If, however, the district assembly fails to decide by such vote to continue the district superintendent in office, his or her term of office shall terminate 30–180 days following the close of that district assembly, with the date to be determined by the general superintendent in jurisdiction in consultation with the DAC. (204.2, 206, 236)


To elect, by ballot, up to three assigned ordained ministers and up to three laypersons to the District Advisory Board, to serve for a term not to exceed four years, as determined by the district assembly, and until their successors are elected and qualified.

However, when the district exceeds a total membership of 5,000, it may elect one additional assigned ordained minister and one additional layperson for each successive 2,500 members and the final major part of 2,500 members. (221)


To elect a District Ministerial Credentials Board of not less than five assigned ordained ministers, one of whom shall be the district superintendent, to serve for four years and until their successors are elected and qualified. This board shall meet prior to the district assembly to consider all matters subject to its authority and, insofar as is possible, to complete its work prior to the district assembly. (226–228.10)


To elect a District Ministerial Studies Board of five or more assigned ordained ministers, to serve for four years and until their successors are elected and qualified. (229)


To facilitate greater flexibility on districts in the use of the most appropriate persons for specific assignments in preparing candidates for ordination, districts may elect the total number necessary to serve on both the District Ministerial Credentials Board and the District Ministerial Studies Board as a District Board of Ministry.

At the first meeting of this District Board of Ministry, the district superintendent may organize the group into a Ministerial Credentials Board and a Ministerial Studies Board, a Rehabilitation Committee, and any other committees that may be deemed wise. (226, 229)


To elect a District Church Properties Board in keeping with provisions of 233. (204.1)


To elect at its discretion either or both of the following:

  1. A District Evangelism Board of no less than six members including the district superintendent,
  2. A district director of evangelism.
    The persons elected shall serve until the final adjournment of the next district assembly and until their successors are elected and qualified. (204.1, 212)