To elect or dismiss any paid assistants employed by the district. (242–242.1)


To act, in consultation with the district superintendent, as a finance committee between assemblies with authority to adjust operational budgets as deemed necessary and report the same to the district assembly. (220.1)


To protect all district property, real or personal, including all equity therein, from being diverted to any personal or corporate use other than for the Church of the Nazarene. (102.4, 106.5, 204)


To elect a district treasurer, to serve for a period of one to three years and until his or her successor is elected and qualified. (219)


To elect a district secretary, to serve for a period of one to three years and until his or her successor is elected and qualified. (216)


To certify the withdrawal or attempted withdrawal of any local church from the Church of the Nazarene for the purpose of implementing the transfer of title to real property as provided for in paragraph 106.2.


If required, pursuant to paragraph 203.25, to elect a District Auditing Committee to serve until the adjournment of the following district assembly. (203.25)


To give an annual report to the district assembly summarizing the activity of the work of the board including the number of convened meetings.


The District Advisory Board may issue a transfer of membership to a member of the clergy, a minister of Christian education (510), or a deaconess (507), who desires to transfer to another district assembly, before the meeting of the district assembly in which such person’s membership is held. Such transfers may be accepted by the receiving District Advisory Board, granting to those transferred full rights and privileges of membership on the district on which it is received. The receiving district assembly shall have final approval of all such Advisory Board transfer receptions upon favorable recommendation by the Ministerial Credentials Board. (203.8–203.9, 228.9–228.10, 535–535.2)


The District Advisory Board may, upon request, issue a Certificate of Commendation (813.3) to a member of the district assembly who wishes to unite with another denomination.