A minister or layperson shall not be required to answer charges for any act that occurred more than five years before the filing of such charges, and no evidence will be considered at any hearing for any matter that occurred more than five years before the charges were filed. Provided, however, that if the person aggrieved by any such act was under the age of 18 or found to be mentally incompetent of making an accusation or filing a charge, such five-year limitation periods would not begin to run until the aggrieved person reached age 18 or became mentally competent. In the case of the sexual abuse of a child, no time limit shall apply.

If a minister is convicted of a felony by a court of competent jurisdiction, he or she shall surrender his or her credential to the district superintendent. At the request of such minister, and if the Board of Discipline has not previously been involved, the District Advisory Board shall investigate the circumstances of the conviction and may restore the credential if it deems appropriate.