When a written accusation is filed with the district superintendent and has been presented to the District Advisory Board, the Advisory Board shall appoint a committee of three or more assigned ordained ministers and not less than two (2) laypersons as the Advisory Board deems to be appropriate to investigate the facts and circumstances involved and report their finding in writing and signed by a majority of the committee. If after considering the committee’s report, it shall appear that there are probable grounds for charges, such charges shall be drawn up and signed by any two ordained ministers. The District Advisory Board shall give the accused notice thereof, as soon as practical, by any method which gives actual notice. When actual notice is not practical, notice may be provided in the manner which is customary for serving legal notices in that locality. The accused and his or her counsel shall have the right to examine the charges and specifications and to receive a copy thereof immediately upon request. No accused shall be required to answer charges of which he or she has not been informed as specified herein. (222.3)