If a lay member is accused of unchristian conduct, such charges shall be placed in writing and signed by at least two members who have been in faithful attendance for at least six months. The pastor shall appoint an investigating committee of three members of the local church, subject to the approval of the district superintendent. The committee shall make a written report of its investigation. This report must be signed by a majority and filed with the church board.

After the investigation and pursuant thereto, any two members in good standing in the local church may sign charges against the accused and file same with the church board. Thereupon the church board shall appoint, subject to the approval of the district superintendent, a Local Board of Discipline of five members, who are unprejudiced and able to hear and dispose of the case in a fair and impartial manner. If in the opinion of the district superintendent, it is impractical to select five members from the local church due to the size of the church, the nature of the allegations, or the position of influence of the accused, the district superintendent shall after consulting the pastor, appoint five laypersons from other churches on the same district to be the Board of Discipline. This board shall conduct a hearing as soon as practicable and determine the issues involved. After hearing the testimony of witnesses and considering the evidence, the Board of Discipline shall either absolve the accused or administer discipline as the facts shall establish to be proper. The decision must be unanimous. Discipline may take the form of reprimand, suspension, or expulsion from membership in the local church. (515.8)