A member of the clergy who has lost good standing may be restored to good standing and have his or her credential restored only by the following process:

  1. approval of the district superintendent;
  2. approval of the District Ministerial Credentials Board;
  3. a two-thirds approval of the District Advisory Board;
  4. approval of the Board of General Superintendents; and
  5. final approval of the district assembly where good standing was lost.

In considering whether or not to recommend that a credential be restored, progress on the plan of rehabilitation shall be the primary issue but passage of time shall be an additional consideration.

However, in the event the member of the clergy has committed sexual misconduct, the member of the clergy shall not be eligible to apply for restoration until four years have passed. A member of the clergy who has lost good standing as a result of sexual misconduct, must satisfactorily progress on a prescribed plan for rehabilitation for a minimum of four years, before good standing may be restored. (605.1–605.2, 605.5, 605.11–605.12)