Any time a member of the clergy ceases to be entitled to exercise the rights and privileges of being a member of the clergy, the Ministerial Credentials Board will prepare a written report concerning the facts and circumstances of the change in status. The report shall include the recommendations of the Ministerial Credentials Board concerning whether or not a plan of rehabilitation is appropriate. Each district is encouraged to have a written plan in harmony with the Manual directives, to aid in the process of response, rehabilitation, reconciliation and possible restoration to ministry, of a member of the clergy involved in conduct unbecoming a minister. If a plan for rehabilitation is appropriate, the Ministerial Credentials Board shall, to the extent practical, work with the individual to apply the district plan for rehabilitation. The objective of the plan should be to return the individual to a place of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical health. Primary responsibility for accomplishing the plan shall rest on the person being rehabilitated, but the facilitator(s) shall represent the church in providing support and assistance. The facilitator(s) or their designee shall report to the Ministerial Credentials Board once each quarter concerning the progress toward rehabilitation. The report shall be in the form established by the Ministerial Credentials Board. The Ministerial Credentials Board may revise the plan of rehabilitation from time to time as the circumstances warrant.