Licensed ministers from other denominations, desiring to unite with the Church of the Nazarene, may be licensed as ministers by the district assembly, provided they present the credentials issued to them by the denomination in which they formerly held their membership; and further provided that they:

  1. have passed a course of study equivalent to a validated course of study in the Church of the Nazarene for local ministers;
  2. have been recommended by the church board of the local Church of the Nazarene of which they are members;
  3. have given evidence of grace, gifts, and usefulness;
  4. have been carefully examined under the direction of the district assembly regarding their spiritual, intellectual, and other fitness for such work;
  5. have promised to pursue immediately a validated course of study prescribed for licensed ministers and candidates for ordination;
  6. have had any disqualification, which may have been imposed by a district assembly or its equivalent, removed by an explanation in writing by the district superintendent or his or her equivalent and the District Advisory Board or its equivalent of the district where the disqualification was imposed; and provided further that their marriage relationship does not render them ineligible for a district license; and
  7. in case of a previous divorce, the recommendation of the District Ministerial Credentials Board along with supporting documents will be given to the Board of General Superintendents, which may remove this as a barrier to pursuing a license. (530.1)