Fulfillment of Educational Foundations for Ordained Ministry. The Church of the Nazarene provides a variety of educational institutions and programs around the world. The resources of some global areas allow more than one program to be developed to provide the educational foundations for ministry. Each student is expected to take advantage of the most appropriate validated course of study provided by the Church in his or her area of the world. When not possible, the Church will utilize as much flexibility in delivery systems as feasible to prepare every person called by God to ministry in the Church. A validated course of study, directed and supervised by the District Ministerial Studies Board, and college/seminary programs, developed by the educational institutions, may be used. They should cover the same general standards as outlined in the International Sourcebook on Developmental Standards for Ordination and the regional Sourcebook on Ordination. When a licensed minister satisfactorily completes a validated course of study, the education provider shall issue a certificate of completion to the licensed minister. The licensed minister shall present the certificate of completion to the District Ministerial Studies Board responsible for considering recommendation to the district assembly for graduation from a validated course of study.