The General Assembly shall be composed of ministerial and lay delegates in equal numbers from each Phase 3 district, the district superintendent serving as one of the assigned ordained ministerial delegates, remaining assigned ordained ministerial delegates and all lay delegates elected by district assemblies; general superintendents emeriti and retired; general superintendents; Global Nazarene Missions International president; Global Nazarene Youth International chair; Church of the Nazarene, Inc. officers and directors who report to the plenary of the General Board; one-half of the regional International Board of Education school presidents from each region will be voting members, and the other one-half will be non-voting members, with the number and selection process determined by the International Board of Education; Nazarene Publishing House president; Pensions and Benefits International director; Stewardship Ministries global director; Church of the Nazarene Foundation president; Research Services global director; and one General Board-commissioned missionary delegate per region elected by the assigned contracted missionaries serving in that region. In the absence of such election the missionary representative shall be elected by the Global Mission Committee.